• Anna Luten is Bicycle Mayor 2016!

    The world’s first Bicycle Mayor has been elected!

How might we inspire the next BILLION to choose the Bicycle as their primary transport?

The Bicycle Mayor accelerates the progress of cycling in the city.

Initiated by CycleSpace in Amsterdam in 2016 with the aim of accelerating the shift from car-centric to human-centric cities, the Bicycle Mayor Program seeks to create a highly influential network of city catalysts who are passionate about moving all aspects of cycling in cities from the fringes into the mainstream.

As humanity is faced with some of its greatest challenges, there is a growing awareness that more advanced technologies alone will not provide all of the answers. CycleSpace believes that a positive accelerated shift to cycling as the primary form of transport will usher in an era of happier cities and citizens.

This is accomplished in 3 ways.

*The carbon offset of a more bicycle-centric world will slow the inevitable warming and polluting of our planet. Leading to cleaner fresher air for citizens.

*The money saved by a shift to more human-centered forms of transit ( projected to be in the trillions) can be put to use for resiliency, social, health, culture, and industry incubation programs.

*The individual benefits include economic, social, health, happiness and freedom.

The Bicycle Mayors around the world will promote these benefits, while being continuously in touch with the innovations that bring about this better future.

These Innovations could arise from the worlds of digital technology, public policy, urban planning, architecture, product and service design, communication, wayfinding, and urban planning among others

Finally,  and of great importance, the Bicycle Mayor will be the voice of the cyclist in the city. How is the life of the city cyclist improving in measurable ways? It is crucial that the Bicycle Mayor is dedicated to this cause and knows how best to work with existing bicycle advocacy groups, political leaders, major project and initiative funders, and the business community.

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