Amsterdam: your Bicycle Mayor needs you

Amsterdam’s Bicycle Mayor Anna Luten has identified three key questions that need to be answered to help improve cycling in the city.

  • How might we inspire young people to ride more and lock in the happiness and sense of potential and freedom that is associated with riding a bicycle?
  • How might we ensure safety in all cycling modes (commuter, parents with children, delivery bikes, ebikes, recreation, touring…) so that, regardless of the mode, a cyclist feels the least amount of stress and the greatest amount of joy?
  • How do we use the bicycle as a means for understanding the future of multimodal transport?

She will be hosting a ‘Hackathon’ workshop to identify ideas to address each question. It is intended that the idea for each question will then receive funding.

To reserve a place at the workshop, email


When: Tuesday 1st November, 18-22hrs
Where: Cyclespace, Westerpark


Bicycle Mayor Anna luten in The Guardian

Amsterdam’s first Bicycle Mayor Anna Luten showed Nick van Mead from The Guardian around in Amsterdam by bike. Nick interviewed Anna and wrote a great article about cycling in Amsterdam. How does Anna see the future of Amsterdam and worldwide cycling? And how did Nick experience his first bike ride here?

You can read it here

Amsterdam is appointing a Bike Mayor

This summer, Amsterdam will go one step further to cement its reputation as the most bike-friendly city on the planet, appointing the world’s first ever bicycle mayor. Due to be selected on June 24th, Amsterdam’s chief cyclist will promote and protect cycling in the city, acting as a go-between connecting city hall, cyclists, community groups, and anyone who might be affected by new measures designed to improve citizens’ cycling experience.

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